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When I was young, I delayed prosperity for my country.

zondag, februari 13, 2005


Hi there,

I would introduce myself only shortly with little detail. I am a male, 18 years of age and I live in The Netherlands. With writing this weblog I'm limited to my english vocabulary. My lingual capabilities do exceed the average in my country, but it's not far enough, to be able to express myself in the way I want to express myself. Therefor, some of my writings will structurally be a bit flawwy. I make this weblog for being able to express myself and my ideas. I do this to educate myself, in being able to expres myself, and to become a better writer, as I will try to put things in a poetrical form.
I enjoy comments, so please do post when you feel like it.


Blogger Jet said...

hi. nice to hear from you. thanks for the visit. :)

this is like the time when i was just started to blog about myself. it's true that it's a kind of way to express yourself and no doubt, it helps a lot. moreover, it's another method to release anything in your mind.

Enjoy! =)

5:50 a.m.  
Blogger Play the blues said...

I like this form of communication. It has a poetrical atmosphere to it.
Improvisation in a post can get very chaotic though.

6:55 a.m.  

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