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When I was young, I delayed prosperity for my country.

woensdag, januari 11, 2006

Commercialism, could we call it an aid or aids?

Where is this world moving to. I really noticed the increased amount of commercialism in this world. I like to watch tv. For the cable connection I pay a fair amount of money. I did however think about selling the tv and cancelling the connection, just for the amount of commercialism on television. For every 15 minutes of watching, you get an additional 5 minutes of commercials. A regular person would say, well thats normal, no? Ask a south african about it and he would LAUGH, laugh at the fact you (the modern world) have lowered life to such standards.
It is not only the amount of commercials that bother me, but aswell the way they are presented.
I can't grasp how people can get certified for the way of presenting advertisements they are doing right now. It is just abominable. It is as if the producers of these commercials assume that the general guy watching the commercial is just dumb. Put in a naked woman and you have increased sales. Put in a trendy trance drum and you have increased sales. Put in some terrible acting ('oh my, no I did not know that it could be that cheap, and now I'm still stuck to the other company WHINE WHINE WHINE'), and you have....? Increased sales! That's right! No, I think there is a certain percentage of people that do not accept the standards maintained by such companies and will actually refrain from purchasing their products. Billboards ads are the same. About 80% of them picture an almost naked woman, causing drivers to lose their focus off the roads. Well it would serve them right to crash, stupid bastards. However since there are more people on the same road, I take back those words. Commercialism must die, like the dog it is. Give me credit for the money I put into cable television, or I will cut it off. My amount of purchases does not increase by ad campaigns.

vrijdag, januari 06, 2006

Mental dissonance is everywhere

Raw yet not mistaken... Flustered yet reknown for good advice. Where mental dissonance creates the party of reflecting illustrative content, the view of many does not conceil the hard core. For few the truth is reliable. For many the truth is not evident, due to mental inability. Where focus is required, few can deliver it. The art hidden within is not laid away for many, but can be attained by hard work. Mistakability has to be taken into account if potentially gifted. A lost heart can not be retrieved. A lost soul can be rebuilt. Many around, far from reality, close to death, mental dissonance corrupted their mind, leading them to take with them, those who surround them. They feel gifted with the crowd following their lead, yet their mental state is not to be understated. The flock of birds follow the worm, the worm follows the instinct. This applies to mankind.