Locatie: Netherlands

When I was young, I delayed prosperity for my country.

vrijdag, januari 06, 2006

Mental dissonance is everywhere

Raw yet not mistaken... Flustered yet reknown for good advice. Where mental dissonance creates the party of reflecting illustrative content, the view of many does not conceil the hard core. For few the truth is reliable. For many the truth is not evident, due to mental inability. Where focus is required, few can deliver it. The art hidden within is not laid away for many, but can be attained by hard work. Mistakability has to be taken into account if potentially gifted. A lost heart can not be retrieved. A lost soul can be rebuilt. Many around, far from reality, close to death, mental dissonance corrupted their mind, leading them to take with them, those who surround them. They feel gifted with the crowd following their lead, yet their mental state is not to be understated. The flock of birds follow the worm, the worm follows the instinct. This applies to mankind.