Locatie: Netherlands

When I was young, I delayed prosperity for my country.

zondag, september 02, 2007


In a green field, untrodden, unharmed,
A clear blue sky encompassing,
I am to be, and all feels right in me,
Wandering aimlessly, silent, embracing.

A cloud became, to cast shadow,
My path denying its grace.
I find myself, and in myself,
I find a mutter, unsettlement, distaste.

The cloud grew larger, now dark and thick,
Spelling my goal for me,
To seek a place, a shelter to be,
But I see myself fighting, for my mind to be free.

Drops from the cloud, cold and heavy,
Stinging my skin, touching me deep,
One by one, they erode my path,
Growing in me, fortitude, dissonance, steep.

I find myself, as I never found myself before,
A pressure ready for release fills my soul.
I gave up struggling, and am now willing,
To deliver the fight to redeem control.

I spread my arms and in a flow,
I engulf the field with a fiery glow,
I open my mouth and in a blow,
I set the sky cold as snow,
I spread my hands, each taking his,
The field and sky drawing together,
Clasping destructively, ending in abyss,
In my hands, leaving all but matter.