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zondag, april 29, 2012

Double murder police make plea

Julie Davison and Colin DunfordJulie Davison and Colin Dunford both died from head injuries

Anyone with relatives and friends who might have come into contact with a double murder suspect have been urged to check on them.

Detectives made the appeal after the arrest of James Allen, 36, in Leeds, after a hunt by three police forces.

Temporary Det Ch Supt Gordon Lang also praised "excellent" work by an off-duty officer that led to Mr Allen's arrest.

Mr Allen is held over the murders of Colin Dunford, 81, in Middlesbrough and Julie Davison, 50, killed in Whitby.

Speaking at a press conference, Det Ch Supt Lang, of Cleveland Police, said there was no information Mr Allen may have committed other offences.

"Please check on people, friends, relatives and let's make sure everybody's okay," he said.

"In this inquiry we're investigating two deaths. Without a doubt, this is a dangerous man so I think it's prudent to ensure everybody's safe and well."

Mr Allen was arrested at about 07:30 BST, after the off-duty officer saw a man fitting his description in south Leeds.

Officers are still trying to piece together his movements while he was on the run.

Det Ch Supt Lang said they still wanted hear of any sightings of Mr Allen before his arrest in a bid to find out where he went and who he was with.

He would not comment on whether police believe Mr Allen was helped.

Mr Dunford, who was last seen alive at around 17:00 BST last Sunday, had suffered serious head injuries as a result of a significant assault according to a post-mortem examination.

Head injuries

He was found dead at his terrace house in Leven Street, Middlesbrough, on Monday.

Detectives said there was no sign of forced entry at the house.

Ms Davison, who lived alone, was found dead by her sister at her rented flat in Church Square, in Whitby, on Wednesday.

She had also suffered serious head injuries, police said.

Mr Allen, who is originally from Blackpool, is believed to have known Mr Dunford when he lived next door to him in Leven Street about a year ago but is not thought to have known Ms Davison.


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