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vrijdag, april 06, 2012

Turn a Tank Into Balloons

On GeekDad, we often write about all kind of happy and geeky projects which parents and kids can build together. While we would love to believe that those projects are accessible to every kid in the world, it sadly is not true.

Too many children still grow up in armed conflict zones where their psychological well-being is severely affected. Luckily, non-governmental organizations such as War Child contribute to re-introduce a psychological, social and emotional balance for those children who lost it long ago.

Because a kid should always be, well,� just a kid, War Child decided to ?Get the war out of children? by symbolically building a life-size Sherman Panzer tank out of 7,000 colorful balloons and released them above the city of Den Bosch, in The Netherlands.

We certainly hope that this amazing project, initiated by a collaboration with the agency Happiness Brussels and artist Hans Hemmert, will bring a smile to some young minds and awareness to the older ones.

Max Castera

Max is a French aerospace professional, living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is also the founder of, a Geek Art and Education Company solely using LEGO� bricks.

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