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vrijdag, mei 25, 2012

35 Greatest Star Wars Tributes of All Time

The riff on Death Star contractors in Kevin Smith's Clerks is one of pop culture's finest Star Wars references.

Thirty-five years ago today, George Lucas changed the world forever with his scrappy sci-fi movie about space rebels battling an evil galactic empire. Since then, Star Wars references have become the lingua franca of pop culture.

From TV to movies to music to the virtual water coolers where we gather these days, Lucas? legacy shines through. Artists and fans can name-check Boba Fett, wear Princess Leia braids, speak in a C-3PO voice or reference the Death Star, and everyone will instantly get the joke. Because everyone knows the saga of Star Wars.

?It?s pop culture currency, man,? said director Kevin Smith, who has referenced the six Star Wars films in nearly every movie he?s ever made. ?It?s something that we all kind of share ? the dollar we all agreed on a long, long time ago. Even our parents knew it, because we made them take us to see it over and over again.?

Smith, who penned a great riff on Death Star contractors for his debut film Clerks and titled one of his stoner comedies Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, isn?t even the most prolific Star Wars joke-teller. Almost the entirety of Mel Brooks? sci-fi spoof Spaceballs flows from premises introduced in Lucas? movies, and TV shows from Family Guy to Friends have devoted air time to episodes based on the theme. Even the theater nerds on Glee riffed on remixing The Star Wars Holiday Special.

The saga has also found its way into songs ? either through samples from the movies? soundtracks or in nods to the plethora of colorful characters in the Star Wars universe.

And that?s just mainstream media. The epic sci-fi saga has emerged in countless other corners of our shared culture ? fan videos on YouTube, intricately detailed Lego spaceships, parody Twitter feeds, hologram Tupac mashups. The list goes on and on.

In honor of the many wonderful ways fans have embraced Lucas? films in the years since we first went to a galaxy far, far away, we?ve collected our 35 favorite Star Wars pop-culture moments. Feel free to add yours in the comments below.

And may the Force be with you.


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