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donderdag, mei 10, 2012

Augmented Reality: Augmented Awareness and Reality Games, ARE2012

*How on earth does Tish Shute manage to produce these things in the middle of running an event?

categories: Ambient Devices, Ambient Displays, Ambient Findability, Android, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, Augmented Data, Augmented Reality, Big Data, GeoFencing, GeoMessaging, Hadoop, Instrumenting the World, Linked Data, Mixed Reality, Mobile Reality, New Interfaces, Web Meets World, data science, digital public space, gestural interface, internet of things, ipad, iphone, mirror worlds, mobile augmented reality, mobile meets social, new urbanism

tags: AR, ARE2012, Augmented Awareness, augmented experiences, Augmented Reality, Cold Reading, CosPlay, Dimensions App, facial recognition, Game Design, Gaming Reality, global possibility space, Google Project Glass, Improv and Game Design, Integrated Games, Life Based Games, Life Ganes, location based games, New Aesthetic, new aesthetic of artificial intelligence, Qualified Self, quantified self, reality games, social shopping, The Future of AR eyewear, time- based games, TimeHop, Tish Shute, Weavrs, Where 2012


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