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woensdag, mei 16, 2012

Heckled May defends police change

Officers hold up placards at Police Federation conferenceA number of officers held up placards as Mrs May took her seat at the conference

Police officers need to take a "share" of government cuts, the home secretary has told rank and file officers.

Theresa May's address to the Police Federation conference comes as forces in England and Wales face budget cuts of 20% and are in line for some of the most radical reforms for 30 years.

Officers need to "stop pretending" they were being "picked on", she added.

As Mrs May came on to the stage, some officers held up placards reading "enough is enough".

BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw tweeted that the home secretary had apparently said she did not want to be photographed or filmed in front of a sign on stage saying "20% cuts are criminal".

Mrs May said the reforms were in the long-term interest of the service.

Police Federation chairman Paul McKeever said the home secretary was "on the precipice of destroying" a police service admired throughout the world

As well as the planned cuts, the federation is unhappy with the government's proposed radical overhaul of pay and conditions, and a challenge to the existing model of policing with the privatisation of an increasing number of jobs.

Mr McKeever told the conference: "We are about to go through some fundamental change that will alter policing for ever."

He told delegates: "This is a bad deal for police officers, it's a bad deal for the service and most of all it's a bad deal for the British public."

He added that proposed wage cuts were "over and above" other public sector workers and "palpably unfair".


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