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zondag, mei 20, 2012

Which of These Insane Stunt Crews Will Be the Jackass of the Future?

Next Jackasses

A boat jump from the upcoming 3-D movie about extreme stunt crew Nitro Circus.

The trio of films from the Jackass crew has grossed more than $334 million globally (emphasis on grossed). But they haven?t cornered the global market on smart-stupid stunts. There are plenty of insane clown posses eager for fame. Who?s got the goods? We asked Jackass star Steve-O for his take. (See stunts from these daredevils in the video gallery above.)

  • The Dudesons

    Four childhood BFFs from Sein´┐Żjoki, Finland
    Signature stunt: The Human Dartboard
    Stateside success: The 2010 MTV series Dudesons in America, produced by Jackass? Dickhouse Productions
    Steve-O says: ?There?s one prank where they set a sleeping guy?s blanket on fire. It was downright immoral, but the receiver loved it.?

  • The Misfits Stunt Crew

    A pair of mohawked crazies from Melbourne
    Signature stunt: Hanging a framed photo from a Misfit?s scrotum?using a hammer and nail
    Stateside success: None yet, though they were in the semis of Australia?s Got Talent
    Steve-O says: ?What they do seems like just wanton self-mutilation. I don?t see much personality or substance.?

  • The Tokyo Shock Boys

    A foursome who met in 1990 as roadies on a Paul McCartney tour
    Signature stunt: Wearing a diaper packed with lit firecrackers
    Stateside success: A 1997 off-Broadway show
    Steve-O says: ?I like that they do gnarly stuff, but it?s not overly dark. Thumbs up.?

  • Dirty Sanchez

    A quartet of hedonistic Brits named after a gross-out sexual maneuver
    Signature stunt: Rolling around near-naked in stinging nettles
    Stateside success: Their movie screened at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival
    Steve-O says: ?The Dirty Sanchez guys bring too much testosterone. They?re like Slayer; I?m looking for Spinal Tap.?

  • Nitro Circus

    A seven-person American crew led by X Games motorsports champ Travis Pastrana
    Signature stunt: Jumping motorbikes into the Grand Canyon and parachuting to safety
    Stateside success: A 2009 MTV reality series produced by Dickhouse; a 3-D theatrical release due out this summer
    Steve-O says: ?Travis was the first guy ever to do a double backflip on a motorcycle. That?s a legit stunt?not like the trivial shit that we do.?


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