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vrijdag, juni 08, 2012

Rescues as 60mph gales sweep in

Gale force winds set to batter UK bringing heavy rain. Sarah Keith-Lucas has all the details.

Gale-force winds and heavy rain are expected to hit south-west England later, the Met Office has warned.

An amber warning has been issued for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Gusts of up to 70mph (110 km/h) could affect coastal areas during the afternoon, possibly damaging trees which are in full leaf.

The public has also been told to be prepared for disruption to travel and outdoor activities.

Mark Seltzer, from the Met Office, said with many people in the region for school half-term holidays it was important to warn them about the severe weather.

"It's quite unusual to see these speeds of winds at this time of year, so we've issued an amber warning," he told BBC News.

"We've seen some rain overnight already and the stronger winds are likely to occur later today, overnight and into Friday.

"People towing caravans should be aware of the strong winds because it could cause some snaking."


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